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We do not collect, disclose or sell any user data.

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We consider the privacy of our users, especially that of children, very important and since our applications are aimed primarily at children, we do not collect, disclose or sell any personal data from users who use our applications and our games.

The authorizations required by the games are for the exclusive use of the functions offered by the games themselves (e.g. access to local memory is used to save data on the device) and none of these has the purpose of explicitly or implicitly acquiring personal information. Therefore our apps do not collect any personal user data. All the data stored by the games reside within the user device and if the app is deleted all the data saved in it is lost.

The only non-personal information collected concerns the user's nationality and/or language spoken. Italian players can also provide the school they are enrolled in. In all these cases this information DOES NOT represent personal data and there is in no way the possibility of tracing the user's identity. They are data collected anonymously. Similarly, the creation of the user account in our multiplayer system (mainly used for the rankings of the results of the new Special Games) occurs completely anonymously and the IDs associated with the users are generated server-side without the use of any data related to the user and/or device.

The sharing of results of some games for the leaderboards and achievements is limited exclusively to the use of the mechanisms offered by the relative operating systems in which the apps are installed (Apple GameCenter and Google Play Services) and the data of their accounts are managed outside of our games. Again, none of this personal information is stored and/or reused by us.

Advertising (AdMob)

When in some cases the AdMob advertising service is used which, as is known, uses an advertising identifier (Google Advertiser ID or IDFA, for example), "Limit AdTracking" (LAT) is deactivated by default (for this reason we do not ask the users if deactivate it) and there is no monitoring of the activity for advertising purposes, in total respect of privacy and international laws on the protection of personal data. In addition, AdMob is set up to send ad requests intended for children.

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Our Services may contain links to externalsites (such as Facebook and Youtube) and link content from externalthirdparty sources. Please note that the use of such third party sites orcontent is subject to the privacy policies and usage terms of the thirdparty in question instead of our own terms and we do not have control orassume any liability over such content.

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